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Le Semnoz

High above Lake Annecy – It’s a magnificent and tough climb – and frankly today I suffered near the top.

I am not yet fit or light enough for the July Tour d’Enfer. But at least the injury seems almost OK.


Back From Injury

Barry and Martin patiently agreed to ride SLOWLY with me today. They even let several fat guys pass us. When a beautiful girl rode by it was almost too much for them – but they were loyal and slow.



I have had a niggling pain in my left gastrocnemius muscle (calf) for a few weeks, but it wasn’t getting worse or affecting my riding.

At least, until last week’s 5+ hour ride up Col du Sac – including pushing and hiking through snow. It left me limping.


The Great Cycle Chat Jersey Relay

This morning it was raining, very windy, and cold. So I sat by the phone waiting for Keith to cancel.

But he is Scottish not Australian, so canceling never crossed his mind.


Time Trial: Kicking My Sorry Butt

Yesterday, I rode my first 2008 Time Trial Race against myself.

Nearing the end of the longest climb of the day, old me started to suffer. So I got out of the saddle and made him really hurt.


A Cycling Birthday Present

I turned forty something today. My (lovely) wife knows me well.

Among several thoughtful gifts were two scrolls redeemable for full car support for a huge Alps ride anytime in the next 12 months.

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