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Back From Injury

Barry and Martin patiently agreed to ride SLOWLY with me today. They even let several fat guys pass us. When a beautiful girl rode by it was almost too much for them – but they were loyal and slow.



I have had a niggling pain in my left gastrocnemius muscle (calf) for a few weeks, but it wasn’t getting worse or affecting my riding.

At least, until last week’s 5+ hour ride up Col du Sac – including pushing and hiking through snow. It left me limping.


The Great Cycle Chat Jersey Relay

This morning it was raining, very windy, and cold. So I sat by the phone waiting for Keith to cancel.

But he is Scottish not Australian, so canceling never crossed his mind.


Time Trial: Kicking My Sorry Butt

Yesterday, I rode my first 2008 Time Trial Race against myself.

Nearing the end of the longest climb of the day, old me started to suffer. So I got out of the saddle and made him really hurt.


A Cycling Birthday Present

I turned forty something today. My (lovely) wife knows me well.

Among several thoughtful gifts were two scrolls redeemable for full car support for a huge Alps ride anytime in the next 12 months.

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