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Col du Sac is Open?

At the turn, I told Eric it would be impossible to reach and totally covered in snow.

He gave me a half-smile. I knew we were going up.


Golet du Pey and Vuache

There is a Grande Randonnée (GR) hiking route along the top of La Vuache and someone had recently asked me if it was do-able by bike.

Today – with Eric and Jason – the idea was to find out.


Col du Sac

At about 1,250 meters (4200 feet) the paved road ended and I ran into snow. I wasn’t sure where the actual Col was and I hate to climb a Col and not find the sign at the top

So I decided to continue climbing the gravel path through the snow.


Col de Cuvery

I knew the top was just about at the current snow line, so wearing four layers and with a balaclava for the descent I set off.


La Baudichonne

COLD! I am really pushing this late season climbing thing. But I had plenty of layers and my balaclava. So the descent wasn’t too horrible. Another great Jura mountain climb route without seeing a single car.

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