Col de Cou, Col de Saxel, and Monastre


Another ride of small climbs south of Lake geneva. 

But if you do enough smallish climbs it becomes a big one.  And today was a fairly big ride.  Col de Cou was the lowest rated ride in my book so I wasn’t expecting much, but instead of the main way  I found a very nice small steep road up.  Over the other side a quick visit to the nearby Col des Moises then down through the lovely Vallé Verte region.  Then the small Col de Saxel.  But a turn left  at the top and there is a great 6 km steep stretch up to Monastre. 

And no surprise at Monastre – a nice old monastery perched up high.   In summary a 52 km loop with over 1200 metres of climb (4,000 feet) and a little rain to keepme cool.

Col de Saxel  

Col de Cou  


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  1. Hi Will. Your website is brilliant I really appreciate the information you are sharing. My girlfriend is from Bonne, near Annemasse and I’ve done a couple of climbs from your website most notably La Saleve from Entrembieres.

    One question about col de saxel. I have done this a couple of times from both sides, but never got to the Monestre. Last time I turned to go to the Monestre but the road goes into Forrest and is shaded which meant Ice on this day. Is the road tarmaced all the way to the Monestre or does it turn to a track?

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