Col du Jandri (Glacier de Mont-de-Lans)


This is the highest I have ever been on a bike – 3158 metres. Woohoo!


Col du Jandri is the second highest road – paved or unpaved – in Europe (Pico del Veleta in Spain is the highest). It is a service road for the various ski lifts and cable cars of Les Deux Alpes ski station.

I started just below Les Deux Alpes. However, you could add 11 kilometres and another 700+ metres of ascent by starting down the main road in Clapiers (the same valley as Bourg d’Oisans).

From Les Deux Alpes the paved road soon ends, becoming a decent quality gravel road for the entire route. Although signed as closed to motor traffic, there was the very occasional car/truck, mainly service vehicles.

This was my 4th time reaching 3000+ metres by bike. The best of the four is probably Colle del Sommeiller because of it’s beauty and given the entire route is ride-able. But Mont Chaberton is a vertiginous adventure, and Col du Caron is very fun as well.

The first few kilometres hairpin up the side of ski slopes above town. Several ski lifts and cable cars were open, most providing lazy downhill mountain bikers a ride up … all the way to the summit. While generally they stayed on groomed VTT trails, I would be passed by the occasional descender all ride.

Lazy Downhill Biker

Lazy Downhill Biker

Nice Hairpin

Nice Hairpin

Next, above 2000 metres the road heads into the mountains.

Looking back

Looking back

I passed a few lakes on the way up including these two dams/lakes at roughly 2300 metres.

Lac de Plan

Lac de Plan

Lac du Sautet - 2319m

Lac du Sautet – 2319m

This is a steep climb, but a strong cyclist could likely cycle the entire way. Me? I pushed a few times, but never for too long – although the last steep stretch required some rest. 🙂

Half way:

Les Deux Alpes ski slopes

Les Deux Alpes ski slopes

Another lazy downhiller:

IMG_1437 - Version 2

It was partly cloudy but clearly there are great views in every direction – even as the road was through a fairly stark, rocky environment.

roughly 2700 metres

roughly 2700 metres

Road to Col du Jandri (1)

Eventually, I could see the summit. High in the distance:

The goal Col du Jandri - 3150 metres - above me

The goal Col du Jandri – 3151 metres – above me

At the summit is the top of a cable car, and a restaurant. It is also the foot of the Glacier de Mont-de-Lans. There is a rope tow here and while it wasn’t running there is occasionally summer skiing here.

I couldn’t find a Col du Jandri sign at the summit, but the col is just before the road ends. I have seen conflicting altitudes but believe it is 3151 metres, and IGN marks the foot of the glacier as 3158 metres.

And best of all the bar “Le 3200” was open. I got a strange look from the bartender when I ordered a coffee and a beer. But I badly needed both.

Le Bar 3200 was open :)

Le Bar 3200 was open 🙂

This is a huge climb that has been on my lost forever. And it didn’t disappoint.

My only regret was perhaps not waiting until early September so I could enjoy the road by myself – without the noise of the ski lifts and the distraction of the downhill bikers.

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The second highest road in Europe. Wow.

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  2. Jeroen Naeyaert on

    Hi Will

    This ride is also on my wishlist. Do you think it’s possible with a cyclocross bicycle?

    Best regards


    • Jeroen, A mountain bike would be best. But yes, I think a cross bike would be “OK.” No problems going up.

      As long as you don’t mind being a little more cautious descending as the descent would be a little bumpy.

      But the road is less rough than say either Mont Chaberton or Strada dell’Assietta.

  3. What a coincidence, i was in Les Deux Alpes yesterday because i really wanted to do the climb up to Col Du Jandri.
    After spending a week on my roadbike on the climbs around Bourg d’Oisans, i wanted to go out in style…
    Unfortunately everywhere i went there were no mountainbikes available, as they were all rented out.
    I figured with all the shops there, i did not need to make a reservation and just show up when i felt like it.
    After walking around Les Deux Alpes for a while and getting nowhere, i decided to leave.
    Got back in my car and drove for some 14 hours…back home to the Netherlands.

    Hopefully next year !!!

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  6. Hey Will,
    That’s wild. A mate and I did Jandri today, a year after the blogpost that inspired me to do it. Thank you.
    I have to say, I’ve got to tip my hat to you for some of the rides you do, based on this ‘epic’. We rode from Bourg d’Oisans up the D220 to join the Les Deux Alpes road (much quieter). Then when we got to the start of the climb, ‘shit got real’!! You reckon the road was ‘good quality gravel’!! I have to slightly disagree, ONLY because I was on 28mm Roubaix Pro tyres, which in themselves are hardy, but probably not quite enough coupled with the 34/32 gearing combo!!!
    All in all, it was a fantastic day. I can say that now, after the ‘hops based sports drink window’ has been well and truly used!!
    I did end up getting the cable car back down to Les Deux Alps, due to safety issues.

    Thanks again for recommending.


    • Congratulations Phil, very well done. That’s a good idea to use skinnier tires but descend on the cable car 🙂 – said a guy that sucks at descending. Wow, you did the full climb from Bourg? Chapeau, fantastic.

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