Apparently, Cycling is in my Blood

My Grandmothert

So enlarge the photo and see if you can find a family resemblance.

Today, my mother e-mailed me the photo on the left of her mother cycling with some friends. It goes great with an old photo I already had of my grandad. I love these old photos. Both taken sometime in the 1920’s, I believe.

It seems, my grandfather was quite a racer. When my mother visited in the summer she gave me a cycling medal that he had won for a 12 hour race in the 1920’s. Yikes, 12 hours!

I must admit I can really can see the resemblance between my grandmother and my younger brother (honestly Jonny).

OK, now in the photo below: which one is my grandfather? Answers at bottom.

My Grandfather

Fortunately, my niece Molly looks ready to carry on the family cycling tradition.


Answer: My Granny is third from left. My Grandfather is on the back of the tandem.


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  1. This is great! I wish I had some family photos like this. My father used to tell me about his cycling trips around Germany immediately after World War 2 but there are no pictures. I have a nice picture of my grandparents sitting in an open taxi in front of the Reichstag in 1924, but it is not the same thing at all.

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