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Happiest while cycling uphill. More enthusiastic than talented, my 2014 Challenge is to cycle 50 great rides, slowly.

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  1. Congratulations Will on your Madness Victory.

    Note that unlike the other Textile Alums with little propensity to spell, I can congratulate, rather than congradulate you, which means “to pinch one’s bag” – it’s from Shakespeare, like Dome Head would know that.

    And Wadds will stew over his 2nd place loss for a few months until he gets a few rounds of 18 in – golf, not beers. Although 18 was the overnight record in number of beers finished by one person by dawn in our Special Olympics aluminum can challenge.

    Speaking of Special Olympics, my son Justin qualified for the state competition in Equestrian events to be held at Penn State. Maybe he could trot over in France sometime.

    I’ll settle in cash – US dollars are hopefully ok, but let me know if you require currency exchange.
    $50 for the victory, $25 for the better Sweet 16, $75 from my pot to yours.

    It’s a great tradition of March we have and I think maybe Wadds and I may head back to San Antonio for the Final Four next year. Wadds made many friends on our last trip in 2004, and I’m pretty certain a few of them might turn 21 next year.

    To the victor go the spoils. Enjoy them and more importantly the bragging rights that come with.
    Prediction – Cuse, G-Town, Nova, Memphis in Final Four 2008.


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