Martin Takes a Dive


An energetic ride with Martin through Geneva countryside and along the Jura foothills.

Martin had a little trouble with his bike shoes, losing a couple of screws mid-ride. Failed repair attempts left it difficult for him to unclip. I was searching for a secret road back into Switzerland from France near CERN and found it, but it had a barrier to block cars. I walked my bike around the barrier, but my far more technically talented partner tried to cycle this tight path.

Suddenly, he lost his balance and couldn’t unclip – I turned to see Martin about 3 feet below me, fallen in a ditch. Before I could see if he was OK he started to laugh for a good 5 seconds – phew. Then suddenly he just disappeared from site – falling into one of the deepest ditches I have ever seen. SILENCE. WOW! WORRIED! As I leaned over to see where the hell Martin had disappeared to – he started laughing again – a good 10 feet below me. It took him several minutes to unclip and find a way out of this giant pit. No broken bones and just a slightly damaged tire.

The rest of ride was filled with bouts of us both howling with laughter – and me making the odd raw sewage joke. Why don’t I bring my camera for every ride? One sign of a great cycling partner is someone that instinctively sees the funny side of adversity.

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