My Secret Fitness Weapon


Riding with someone stronger than you is a great way to ride hard. Riding with Barry must make me fitter.

Today, I did a quick 90 minute route with several small, but steep hills with Barry. He is a much stronger rider than me – but when he relaxes, rests, recovers, chats, etc – I can just about keep up with him. When he decides to attack a hill ….. I meet him at the top.

So today, while Barry told me how he had gained weight over the Christmas holidays, I nodded and grunted and tried not to let him know I was approaching my Maximum heart rate at every climb.

Four rides (one indoors on a trainer) after day four of the New Year. My silly challenge yields its motivational power.


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Happiest while cycling uphill. More enthusiastic than talented, my 2014 Challenge is to cycle 50 great rides, slowly.


  1. Nice one, Chilly! I was hoping to lure you away from cycling for a day of skiing this weekend but the forecast isn’t great — looks like cloudy & maybe snow. Take me on a local ride? Jell

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