Passo delle Erbe


We’re in the beautiful Dolomites and the weather forecast is awful – what to do?

Visage de Bois

Pouring Rain - Cow in shelter Col Mesan? Tas de Bois

Martin’s last day, and we had hoped to do Stelvio. But the long drive and terrible forecast meant that we decided to be just slightly less ambitious.

Passo delle Erbe is a big, beautiful climb …. at least we have been told it is beautiful …. but we were rained on throughout and fog/clouds blocked the big views. At just under 2000m it’s a serious mountain – hard work. Martin had his climbing legs and absolutely outrode me today …. and patiently waited as I descended like a (wise?) coward.

After adding 5 layers, we survived the descent and battled the long, slightly uphill return. The last 5 kms it absolutely dropped buckets … but at the lower altitude, we decided to remain cheerful (and drenched).

Below: A hint of view from the top:

Passo delle Erbe

But we had fun. I’ll post an elevation/grade chart when I get a chance …. but the climb is very variable … sometimes easy sometimes extremely steep. But a worthwhile addition to any visit …. especially if sunny.

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