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Col de Solaison seems only to be there for the pleasure of tourists, and amateur climbing cyclists in particular.”

- Atlas des Cols des Alpes

French Alps

One of the fun parts of riding in the Alps is reading the cycling graffiti on the roads.

Today’s route still has remnants of 2004 Tour de France Graffiti – including several artistic polka dot tributes to French hero Richard Virenque.


I have always avoided any sort of formal cycling training. I just have little desire to do the sort of regimented sessions that I read about in training books.

Luckily, around Geneva the hilly roads are perfect for interval training.


While Barry told me about his Christmas holidays, I nodded and grunted and tried not to let him know I was approaching my Maximum heart rate.

Cycling Happy Italians

List of Climbs All years – (excludes repeats; for some of the more famous climbs…


Barry – on left – has spent much of his life in the South Pacific and Australia. He started complaining about the cold here, back when I was still wearing shorts!

But we’re slowly converting him.

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