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I have always avoided any sort of formal cycling training. I just have little desire to do the sort of regimented sessions that I read about in training books.

Luckily, around Geneva the hilly roads are perfect for interval training.


While Barry told me about his Christmas holidays, I nodded and grunted and tried not to let him know I was approaching my Maximum heart rate.

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List of Climbs All years – (excludes repeats; for some of the more famous climbs…


Barry – on left – has spent much of his life in the South Pacific and Australia. He started complaining about the cold here, back when I was still wearing shorts!

But we’re slowly converting him.


I’d like to think I may have taught Martin some great Swiss cycling routes and also introduced him to the challenges of cycling uphill.

But there is no doubt that he has taught me the most important aspect to my cycling routine: The post ride meal / beer session.

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