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Col du Sac is Open?

At the turn, I told Eric it would be impossible to reach and totally covered in snow.

He gave me a half-smile. I knew we were going up.


Col du Sac

At about 1,250 meters (4200 feet) the paved road ended and I ran into snow. I wasn’t sure where the actual Col was and I hate to climb a Col and not find the sign at the top

So I decided to continue climbing the gravel path through the snow.


Col de Cuvery

I knew the top was just about at the current snow line, so wearing four layers and with a balaclava for the descent I set off.


La Baudichonne

COLD! I am really pushing this late season climbing thing. But I had plenty of layers and my balaclava. So the descent wasn’t too horrible. Another great Jura mountain climb route without seeing a single car.


Epic! Col du Grand Colombier

Every year local cyclists shake their heads at cowardly Tour de France organizers that run the Tour right by this Jura giant, but refuse to climb it. It’s just too steep!


Le Tiocan – Jura Mountains

Another beautiful day. The Fall colors are out in full force. Barry and I rode from Switzerland into France to the Juras near Thoiry up a quiet road to Le Tiocan – a scenic lookout point overlooking Geneva and the Lake.

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