Too Windy (and cold) to Bike


Everyone in Switzerland knows the dreaded Bise wind. Cold, strong, and from the North.

Saturday the Bise was in full force so we canceled our bike ride and went hiking up the mountain behind our house in the woods.

This photo is taken seconds before I landed after descending from high above. Ouch!

Mont Ventoux

Martin and I did brave the slightly more restrained Bise on Sunday.


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. At last: it is colder where you are than in Ottawa! I think I have a sunburn from my cycling today, but I think hiking around in the Alps, cold or not, is fun too. I like the redesign of your blog very much: good work!

  2. Chilly,
    You are so-o funny, and I’m so lucky that you are not only tres athletic, but also turning out to be a terrific cook!
    Lots of love,
    Your wife

  3. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks I figured it was time to change the blog a little.

    As to the cold, My balaclava is out and ready to be used.

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