Tour d’Enfer Day 7 – Col de la Cayolle


Doreen joined us in Barcelonnette last night! While some people decided to take a rest day, a few of us opted for a light climb up the beautiful Col de la Cayolle.

Col de la Cayolle

Summit: 2,326 metres (7,630 feet)

The Climb: 29.4 kms (18.3 miles); Ascent: 1,200 metres (3,940 feet);

It’s not the steepest climb, but goes through a river gorge over loads of great little bridges.

As we were enjoying a slow, social ride, Doreen got a flat just 3 kilometres from the to. Two patch attempts and a failed valve on the spare tube.

Doreen being Doreen, loads of people stopped and tried to help, but since she was the only one without a road bike – no luck and left us with no choice but to rescue her by car.


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