Vallée d’Aoste / Piemonte Cycling Map


Sto imparando Italiano.

In Italy, on the south side of the Mont Blanc tunnel, Vallèe d’Aoste (French) — or Valle d’Aosta (Italian) — is the smallest and least populated (official) region in Italy. Historically part of the Kingdom of Savoie, both French and Italian are official languages and many of the place names are distinctively French sounding.

It is also completely mountainous.

In the local tourist office one can get a fabulous collection of cycling route cards (photo above), with info of rides of all levels of difficulty.

Here is a map with many of the climbs listed on the route cards. I hope to add more green pins (roads I have cycled). Click the pins will give links to the blog post of the ride.

Normal pins = road bike climbs. Star shaped symbols = mountain-bike climbs.

EDIT: I have started adding Piemonte climbs to this map. This year (2014), I have been amazed at some of the truly fantastic, highs Alps climbs there. Colle del Nivolet, Colle dell’Agnello, Colle Fauniera, Colle di Sampeyre, and Colle della Lombarda, are 5 huge, high, and beautiful climbs. As good as anything anywhere. Nivolet might be my favourite climb ever ridden.

If you have any favourite rides in the area, please let me know. :)


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  1. Hello,
    By the way, your website is exceptional for me. I like bike and I love Alps, cycling them is one of my main interests, if not the first one: I just fell in love with it.
    Regarding the request in your post, I come from Aosta Valley. You look to have done many roads already. If I had to add one I would indicate the Champillon road, which starts from Doues (close to Valpelline, from where you went to Place-Moulin dam and Glacier). It’s very nice, goes up to around 2000 meters above the sea level, with a good view on Grand Combin mountain. At the top the paved road ends and I usually come back down. Otherwise an unpaved road, on a slight descent, leads you around the area above Glacier.

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