2008 Challenge Update



Year-to-date, I have cycled 91,377 metres (299,800 feet) of vertical ascent. And despite way too much beer, I have lost some weight.

After a difficult spring with a few niggling injuries, I am now ahead of schedule for my 2008 goal of 160,000 metres of vertical ascent.

The highlight of the last several weeks has been the five mountain cyclosportives that I have completed (La Montagnarde, Time-Megeve, La Morzine Vallée d’Aulps, La Grand Bo, and La Marmotte). I am no racer but participating in these long, mountain events has been super motivation. And completing the epic La Marmotte still pleases me no end.

I am still the slowest descender ever born, but hey, it’s better than crashing (knock on wood).


A secondary 2008 goal was to lose 13 pounds by June 30th – and keep it off. As of today, I have lost 15 pounds. Now the hard part will be to avoid my annual fattening up late in the year.

Overall, two days before our 2008 Tour d’Enfer across the Alps I am feeling relatively slim and fit.

Some favorite photos so far in 2008


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  1. Congrats on your great achievements to this point! I can tell by the pictures you do look slimmer. Just think how much harder it would have been going up those last few mountains with 15 extra pounds. That’s impressive and I know it has to make you feel great. You are in top shape for Tour d’Enfer which I believe you said starts tomorrow. Have a great time… ride strong and be safe!

  2. Great progress Will. I don’t how you do it.
    On our current tour we have climbed 15K vertical in the last 17 days but there is no way I could keep it up for a whole year.

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