2008 Challenge Update


As May comes to an end, it’s pretty clear that achieving this year’s challenge will be “challenging.” I am well behind last year and +6,000 metres behind the necessary pace for my 2008 goal of 160,000 metres or 525,000 feet of vertical ascent.

Between continuing (minor) asthma problems, a calf injury, and now unbelievably sore ribs from my recent fall, I have been forced to take a few “breaks” from the bike.

But enough whining! With the July Tour d’Enfer and a few other plans, there will be plenty of opportunity to make up the lost ground.

may update

As to my secondary weight loss goal …. I am only about half way there … too much beer while sulking!

Year-to-date the cycling highlights have definitely been several big rides up above the snow line. Here are a few favorite photos so far this year.


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  1. Great set of photos Will. Although you are short of where you would like to be 60k vertical is still a very impressive number. I hope you can make up the rest of the ground.

    Weight loss and beer aren’t particularly compatible. Still, it would be like asking me to stop breathing.

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