2008 February Challenge Update

Col de la Croix Fry - Cropped

This is my first 2008 Challenge Update.

It’s been a fabulous year so far for cycling – with excellent weather. Roads that are plowed have been dry and very ride-able.

If nothing else, so far this year I have proven that it is possible to cycle the Alps in winter – at least smaller climbs. It’s a question of attitude, warm gloves, a good balaclava, several layers, and a bit of bravery on the descents.

The first few minutes can be awful, but cold weather cycling can be a ton of fun.

Col de Terramont Col des Prés Col de la Croisette Chamoix Col de l'Epine

The Main Challenge:

Surprisingly, I am ahead of schedule on my main challenge to cycle 160,000 metres of vertical ascent.


Secondary Challenge

To lose 13 pounds by June 30th – AND importantly keep it off until the end of 2008.

I have lost 8 pounds to date – although nothing recently. OK progress.

2008 Climbs

My 2008 Climbs map is filling up:


Alps = Blue = French Alps Juras France = Blue / Red = French Jura Mountains


Switzerland = Green = Swiss Alps Swiss Juras = Green / Red = Swiss Jura Mountains

I’ll keep a cumulative total of the above, using a higher number for every new climb.

Separately, using the same color scheme, I’ll keep track of small cols (passes) that I have climbed or perhaps passed from an easier diection using small square markers small.

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  1. I agree about climbing. I don’t mind it at all in the wintertime, because it helps me get warm. Coming downhill is another matter, though. When I’m hot and sweaty, it can get very frigid on the way down.

    When I talk about climbing, however, it’s a far cry from the Alpine mountain passes that you are summiting. My longest is about 800 or 900 feet, from just about sea level. It passes through a subdivision. Believe me, Lance never rode there.

    Good luck.

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