2010 Cycling Climbs Map


Col de la Forclaz - steep - almost at top

It’s time to launch my 2010 cycling climbs map. Call me stupid but I find it motivating to start each year with an empty map and try and fill it with Cols. Only rides with pretty big ascent are included. Feel free to suggest a climb.

For a map of all climbs over all years – see here. For other maps see the sidebar or menu.

Click Ride Icons for link to details. I have split climbs into a few geographic categories:


Blue = French Alps ; Green = French Jura Mountains


Red = Swiss Alps ; Pale Blue = Swiss Jura Mountains

Small Red flag = small cols (passes) that I have climbed or perhaps passed from an easier direction.

It is necessary to use the “view larger map” option at bottom or to scroll around – to see all climbs.

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  1. Hi Will. I don’t see any Italian climbs?? If you by any chance go to the Bormio-region may I suggest you try the Mortirolo (from Mazzo) climb? I’m sure you’ll enjoy that ..once you finish it :-). In the same region you’ll find several other interesting and beautiful climbs… Gavia, Bernina, Stelvio just to mention a few. Good luck with all all your 2010 climbs – Hope to see you in Bourg at the Marmotte… Cheers from the cold north

  2. Hi Jesper,

    The map only has the climbs done so far this year ….. 😉 still early days.

    I do have a Dolomites map at the right with a few (not many) great Italian climbs that I have done, including Stelvio.

    I hope to do Gavia this year …. it looks fantastic.

    With any luck, I’d be glad to buy you a beer atop the Alpe at the finish line of La Marmotte. Happy training

  3. Tu seras le bienvenu dans le Pilat pour un 100km (sans grêle cette fois ! ;-)).
    Cela diversifiera les sommets parcourus, en t’emmenant au delà des Alpes…même si dans 2 semaines avec la Scott1000bosses ce sera déjà le cas…

  4. Hi Will

    I saw you had a couple of climbs near Martigny. Did you by chance get to do the Col de la Forclaz?

    I did it this year, around 1,500m alt. but the gradient is relentless.

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