2021 Cycling and Cow Calendars


Busy doing your Christmas shopping? Looking for a 2021 cycling or cow calendar? Well, look no further. For obvious reasons the majority of my cycling was local this year, so I’ve made only two calendars for 2021: A cycling calendar and a cows calendar. Moo!

There is only one size this year: (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm)
Price: $9.99 or a similar amount in other currencies. Global delivery is reliable.

Lulu.com, the publisher, sometimes has coupon codes available to lower the price. Use google to search for a coupon code in your geography. For example, SPOOKY10 gave me 10% of my order today.

A few quick points:

  1. All photos were taken by me in the past 12 months.
  2. I am making no money from this. The price is just what is charged by the printing company.
  3. I am not (even remotely) a professional photographer. All the photos are taken using a decent portable digital camera. But the quality of the photos has turned out OK. This is just for fun.
  4. I have chosen a printing company that is inexpensive and has global delivery options – I have used them the last 10 years, selling a few hundred calendars each year- and people seem quite satisfied with the print quality. Orders are placed directly with Lulu.

Each calendar has 14 photos: a cover, a back page, and one for each month. You can preview all photos in the slide shows below.

#1 – Cycling:

To Order Click HERE.

If you want to see what the calendar looks like, click on these links to two PDF files:

  1. The front and back pages incl. December
  2. January to November
  3. – it’s a big file. may be slow to load.

Photos used in the calendar:

#2 Cows:

To Order Click HERE.

Photos used in the calendar:


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Will,
    I’ve enjoyed having your cycling calendars as my kitchen calendar for many a year and so It’s good to see I’ll have another one to see me through 2021. Thankyou and hope you keep cycling uphill for many a year.

    • Hi David, For obvious reasons I only made a few day trips in 2020, so the the calendar was less varied than usual. This i didn’t label the photos. But here is where each photo was taken:

      Cover: Col du Joly (very near Mont Blanc).

      January: Col du Joly
      Feb: Col du Véry (above Megève)
      Mar: Near home, Salève behind
      Apr: Col de la Forclaz (Montmin)
      May: Col des Annes
      June: Near Madeleine -near Lac de la Grande Lechère
      July: road to Col de Véry and Col de la Croix Pierre
      Aug: Col du Joly
      Sep: Mont Salève (Le Coin side)
      Oct: St Jacques trail near home
      Nov: Summit Mont Salève
      Dec: Col du Joly

      Back photo: Sunset lookout near home.

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