A Steep Gem: Morcles and above to Rionda

vertigo wooohoooo Hairpin Heaven vertigo Nearing Rionda Rionda (2156 metres)

An unbelievably steep, but absolutely stunning route:

A well known local climb on the Vaud/Valais border near Aigle. The first crazy stretch (just over 6 kms) to Morcles has 29 signed hairpins as it winds up the cliff side generally in the woods.

The road is well paved (and possible on road bike) for approximately 10 kilometres. But bring a hybrid or mountain bike because this astonishing route just keeps getting better and better as the road turns to gravel.

The gravel road is even steeper, but good quality and fine to cycle on. It just keeps going up, ultimately reaching 2156 metres at Rionda – and a small detour to 2200 metres and the Cabane de la Tourche (see map).

9.5 Awesome

An unbelievably steep, but absolutely stunning route. Still very much worth the effort to do just the 29 hairpins on a road bike. But the unpaved stretch up higher is truly special.

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  1. Wow! That looks a fantastic route 🙂

    And I see you decided to adopt the homeless underfed Marmotte chappie 😉

  2. Bazz, Do I hear a “I should never have left beautiful Switzerland and Alps expert Will” in your comment? 😉

  3. I just did this ride over the weekend. Absolutely awesome climb and fantastic views from the top. I used a cyclocross bike with 700c x 30mm tires, which was just fine for the gravel road. My lowest gear was 24 front, 28 rear (23 gear inches), which was just about OK, even on the 15% gravel ramps, where I was only doing 6 kph.

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