Around Lake Annecy plus Forclaz



What a ride.  It started as a quiet, flat ride along the beautiful Lake Annecy bike path with Doreen.  But after 20 kms we came to the start of the Col de la Forclaz.  I had watched the 2004 Tour de France up this Col.  Its a short (8.5 kms) but terrific climb along a VERY steep road.  Probably steeper than anything Doreen has ever climbed with a few short stretches in the teens and two full kilometres AVERAGING 11% and 11.5%!

I felt pretty good and went ahead.  Sweating waterfalls but really enjoying the effort.  At the top I grabbed some spare water and descended, fully expecting Doreen to be at the bottom.  But no, there she was well along the route, cheerfully plugging away.  She had found a fountain with fresh water and was game to make the top.  

There is a little downhill near the top and you curse giving back the altitude.  And the last 1.5 kilometres is punishing.  But what a reward at the top.  Perfect views of Lake Annecy.  I didn’t have a camera today but here’s a photo from last year.

By descending the other side of the Col it allowed us to do a 50km loop around the Lake.  Great  ride and well done Doreen.




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  1. Chilly,
    Your blog is great. I wanted to say 1) I now exactly recognize where your Forclaz photo was taken and 2) thanks for not mocking my slow slow slow ascents.

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