Bazza Quits the Peloton


Barry's Idea of Cycling

Barry Gruyere 2008

Oh, no. I am losing one of my domestiques!

Barry contacted me a couple of years ago when he arrived here and we have been riding together ever since. But now he is leaving Geneva.

We first rode together in June 2007, and from that very first ride, Barry taught me many valuable cycling lessons.

But most importantly, the lesson I will never forget: Never go riding without knowing where all the bakeries and cafés are located.

Below: The top of Col de la Madeleine serves good pie!

Now thats a pudding

In return, I taught Barry to enjoy cycling in the cold:

Do We Look Cold?

We will miss you Bazza. Here’s hoping there is lots of good pie in your future.

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  1. I’m not quiting, I’m just under orders to give younger team members a chance 😉
    Thanks for ripping yourself from your bed this morning and letting me navigate, to Martin for kicking my butt on the sprints and to Eric for allowing me to take KOM points… on his mtb!
    Its been great fun riding with you these past couple of years Will, and I look forward to reading about your 2-wheeled adventures in the future.
    See you in Moldova and Uzbekistan this summer? 🙂 and -as we say avec moto- keep the rubber side down.

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