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Col de la Biche and Col du Grand Colombier are two of the hardest unknown climbs in France. In the Jura mountains, they are both “roads to nowhere” meaning virtually no traffic (I saw 5 cars in over 3 hours on the climbs).

Eric and I took mountain bikes and decided to get muddy and search for the secret road over the Jura mountains and the savage Col du Sac down to the tiny Menthières ski station on the other side.

At the turn, I told Eric it would be impossible to reach and totally covered in snow.

He gave me a half-smile. I knew we were going up.

There is a Grande Randonnée (GR) hiking route along the top of La Vuache and someone had recently asked me if it was do-able by bike.

Today – with Eric and Jason – the idea was to find out.

Col de la Faucille is one of the best know climbs in the Jura Mountains.