Col de Bretaye and Col de la Croix


A short but stunning (and challenging) loop in the Vaudoise (Swiss) alps with Doreen.

We had intended to cycle directly up to Col de la Croix from Villars but there was a car rally temporarily closing the pass.

Col de Soud Col de Bretaye

So instead we took a tiny little road up to Col de Bretaye. It’s a deserted – generally paved path – that goes straight up.

It’s very, very steep for the first 3 or so Kilometres. Doreen was incredibly brave and managed to cycle almost the entire stretch.

Half way up to Bretaye is Col de Soud, and then more steepness.

When I say steep, I am not kidding:


After Bretaye the road is rougher and passes by a few little alpine lakes snaking around a big massif and then heading towards big, snow covered mountains. It’s a quiet, wonderful route.

Back road to Col de la Croix

Tas de Bois (and Doreen)

Eventually, the route joins the main paved road a kilometre or so below the east side of Col de la Croix. So just a short climb.

Col de la Croix

And finally, a fun descent on the main road back down to Villars. A fantastic loop.

Descending Col de la Croix

The west side of Col de la Croix is a giant hors categorie climb if one starts all the way down in Ollon – details here.



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  1. Chilly, normally i like to go on my own effort but this time i was thrilled with each of the many pushes you gave me!! Big thanks from your tired wife.

  2. Les Davies
    Now THAT looks like fun. Doreen you are so brave. Will, glad the knees aren’t creaking too badly. As for me, not many miles at all this year as the road to a full recovery continues. I always enjoy your wonderfull blog and photos. Doreen, I congratulate you on conquering the Galibier. Well Done!!!
    Le Badger

  3. Ooops! I meant the Colombiere the other week! Well done again!!!!!!
    That was a hard climb when we did it in 2008 wit the Lost Boys and Eric. I still remember the epic climb in the rain and fog, getting to the top and drinking hot chocolate to warm up as we rung out our sopping wet clothing….
    Le Badger

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