Col de Chaude and Col de Jaman (steep!)


If you don’t like super steep, scenic climbs …. look away. I rode this very slowly but very happily.

First, a big thanks to Nicholas for kindly suggesting this route to me the other day in a comment. Much appreciated.

The climb starts in Villeneuve at the tip of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) but quickly leaves civilization as the road enters a narrowish mountain valley and goes up.

The route to Col de Chaude is steep — and completely deserted. There are no towns, villages, etc. on this 13 km climb (@10% average!) – barely a chalet or two. And so beautiful.

Road to Col de Chaude

Nearing the top, we ran into ice and snow. Woohoo, winter is coming.

Below Col de Chaude

Sadly no Col sign at top …. and my 5 layers seems to add a few pounds. 😉

Col de Chaude

The road linking Col de Chaude and Col de Jaman has 2 kms averaging 11% (!) and unbelievable views of the Lake:

Lake Geneva, Alps, and Eric

We joined the Col de Jaman route much of the way up, but still plenty of work to do. No pics, but some beautiful ridge stretches through mountain woods.

The top:

Col de Jaman

Descending Col de Jaman

By the time we reached Col de Jaman I was exhausted, but there was still a tiny bit of climbing as we detoured to visit Col de Sonloup part way down – I was cooked and glad that the uphill was over.

The mapped descent is fabulous. Winding, deserted, scenic, etc.

All in all one of the best rides of the year.


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  1. Magnifique ! Je ne pensais pas que le Col de Chaude était si raide. La vue sur le Léman est incroyable, je dois les faire absolument bientôt.
    Bravo !

  2. Glad you liked it, Will! I did this tour at the very end of July and instead of having to fear the cold weather, it was the extreme heat that plagued me. All in all, I did feel the same: this is a fantastic tour with wonderful climbing and breathtaking views! Cheers,

  3. Emmanuel Wildiers on

    I go on holiday in the area every year, and Col de Chaude and Jaman are always on my todo list, together with the Grand Saint Bernard and Col des Mosses (both of which have amazingly fun descents).

    And actually, there ís a sign indicating the actual Col de Chaude, it’s about hundred metres further than the actual top (just past where the road becomes gravely) 🙂

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