Col de la Croisette


croisettegrade This is one of the steepest paved roads I know. With a 4km stretch averaging 12% – wow! And it’s right behind my house. I usually descend this route up the Saleve as its hard work.

I really enjoyed today’s climb. The weather was too nice not to ride – so i told myself just to climb at a steady pace – and as occasionally happens, I felt pretty good.

If you like steep hairpins then this is the climb for you. It’s hard sometimes to see how steep a road is in a photo, but these should give some idea.

Col de la Croisette Col de la Croisette Col de la Croisette Col de la Croisette Col de la Croisette

The Col is actually above the tiny village of Croisette – turn left towards Cret and when you see the orientation table (labeling all the Alps in clear view) you are there. Up top there are terrific views in all directions (Juras, Alps, Lake Geneva, etc).

Col de la Croisette


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  1. Gorgeous website, Will. I need to spend some time exploring what you have here.

    Do you plan to watch and report on the Tour de France this year? What about other European races?

  2. Hello Fritz,

    thanks for message.

    I should get to a couple of stages of the Tour this year. I have a vacation with friends booked that includes watching the Tour up Galibier again – and Alpe d’Huez the day after the Tour. Always awesome.

    Hopefully I can get to some other stuff. The Tour de Romande (Romandy) has a couple of interesting mountain stages in 2008 and the Dauphiné is very near me. I need to look at the Tour of Switzerland course.


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