Col de Menthières, Col de la Faucille, Geneva Loop


Perhaps the quintessential big mountain loop from Geneva.

A great loop with Martin. Around and over the Jura mountains that overlook Geneva – via two passes: Col de Menthières and Col de la Faucille. Then a Kebab Frites(!) – since Martin and I are both in serious training. 😉

Col de Menthières is a great climb. A big, wide road with virtually no traffic. The first 6 kms all average 8% and it’s a very even 8% – so easy to get into a rhythm.

Col des Menthières

After a great descent on a tiny road from Menthières, we entered the beautiful Valserine valley. It’s roughly 30 kms uphill to Col de la Faucille, although rarely very steep. High mountains on each side, and a fairly quiet road makes this a great route.

Descending steeper, longer side of Col de la Faucille is fun – despite the increased traffic. A good surface and not too technical: fast.

At the bottom, we both had hunger pains – so I took Martin to Billy’s Kebab’s in Saint-Genis-en-Pouilly. Yum!

Overall, a fantastic ride. Eating and drinking more throughout definitely helped me stay a little stronger (and then the kebab wrecked my diet). 😉


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  1. I did this route today, thanks for the inspiration.

    I was even planning on stopping at Billy’s Kebab in St Genis… only it was closed at 17.45 this afternoon. An energy bar didn’t quite do the trick, neither in calories nor plain satisfaction.

  2. Did this route today. On my way back from Gex to Geneva it was 28°! Col des Menthières is actually quite a tough climb, at least for me and so early in the cycling season, but then I’ll definitely never be a half decent climber (too tall, heavy and old now). Total ascent for this route is more or less exactly 2000 meters.

  3. Hi Will it is a long way round to Confort from Geneva. I see on the map there is a route to Menthieres from Farges. Is this paved and possible or very steep? Weather looking great for the weekend! Best, Peter

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