Col des Contrebandiers (Smugglers Pass)

Col des Contrebandiers Col des Contrebandiers Col du Pré Vernet Col des Contrabandiers

I’m an idiot. Last week I put SPD pedals on my hybrid. Today, I arrived in Annecy and forgot cycling shoes. Oh well, it was a little uncomfortable, but I just used my hiking shoes on the pedals.


The cliffs of Mont Veyrier overlook Lake Annecy and the nearby Town. Starting beside the Lake, this route goes up through a beautiful, quiet forest road up the mountain.

At the Col des Contrebandiers (smugglers pass), directly beside the sign is a hiking trail that goes up to the old Télépherique (Cable Car) platform and gives incredible views of the lake below – see photo above from the summer.

On the descent, I turned up another quiet road to Col de Pré Vernet. Near the col is another tiny, road (so steep i walked part way up and ALL the way down) that leads to further trails that were snow covered).

This route is possible by road bike but the last 3 kilometres are a pretty poor surface. Using a mountain bike allows further exploring near Pré Vernet

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  1. there’s only one solution. hybrid bike -> hybrid pedals 😉

    i like reading your blog – hope i’ll ride some of your tours someday.

  2. Hi Stefan


    You are correct. I must get these 🙂

    In fact my cycling friend Barry has exactly that. Pedals that clip on one side and “normal” on other side.

  3. Salut Will

    recently I have tried hybrids M324, and I’m not completly convinced; you never know which side you’re on at first, and that makes them less easy to clip; I have to try SPD with ‘cage’ (M647), I suspect it’s the best solution.

    bonne route.

  4. Salut Philippe

    Merci beaucoup pour votre aide.

    I will look at your suggestions

    En tout cas, it is best to wear the correct shoes! 🙂


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