Col du Glandon (and Croix de Fer)



This weekend is our 12th wedding anniversary. As a gift, Doreen offered me car support on the hors categorie climb of my choice – bum pushes, water bottle service, photographer, etc. And she even chalked messages all over the road for me.

A really fun day. Col du Glandon is a favourite of mine. Especially the last 2 crazy kilometres (see photo above).

I was truly spoiled today, with all of Doreen’s support. Psychologically not having to carry two full bottles (along with the guy a couple of hundreds metres behind me) meant that I worked very hard.

Doreen snapped photos and cheered me on the whole way …. and she kept surprising me with chalked messages (it’s my college nickname):

After Glandon, it’s just two and a half easy kilometres up to Col de la Croix de Fer – and the end of a fun uphill time trial.


Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Well done, Chilly! As said, I was really impressed with your effort & speed.

    What with doing my painting and getting the camera ready, I was kept busy the whole time and it seemed I never had to wait…just a few seconds and there you came, storming around the next bend! Ok, ok…I know it’s a ridiculous statement but honestly I felt really busy!!

    You’re my cycling god.

    Love, Doreen

  2. Beau col HC; félicitations au modèle mais aussi à la photographe, “caméraman”, ravitailleuse, graffiteuse, supportrice et j’en oublie certainement… et bon anniversaire !

  3. As a married man myself I know that 12 years of marriage is a great performance (I’m not there yet) and that there is no way back anymore (why would you guys anyway???). Maybe you should re-name “cycling challenge” into “marriage challenge” 😉 Will, celebrating this with the support of Doreen on top of Glandon/Croix de Fer must have been the pefect day. You 2 are sweet together!

  4. Will: With your name now etched on the road I believe this officially elevates your status to a cycling legend! I hopefully can check on the art work next week.

    Overall, another great edition to a fabulous website!

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  7. I just wanted to let you know I did it a few days ago but from Barrage de Verney (Allemont) side. Climbbybike has it graded as 4.8% average but this includes in calculation three downhill sections in the climb – one of them 12% down for a short section

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