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Lately, I’ve been enjoying some good “photo shoots.” As happens here in November/December, most days have been overcast, dank, and miserable down low. But higher nothing but glorious sunshine. Last week I had fun with sunset photos as well as cycling-above-the-clouds photos, which then inspired me to try and combine the two.

First, the inspiration: Behind where I live the roads go up steeply, and just a few minutes away there are some nice spots for sunset pics.

Separately, higher up, Mont Salève offers endless views above the clouds of the Jura mountains, the Alps, etc.

A favourite “secret” road above Geneva (La Thuile)

Mont Blanc

Lake Annecy is below the distant clouds

My Tiny Bike and the Juras

Last weekend, exploring off-road atop Mont Salève I came upon this fabulous view. (The tricky part of photo is ensuring my profile is against the clouds and not the dark ground).

As I took in this fabulous location I couldn’t help thinking how perfect it would be for a sunset shot. But I couldn’t quite convince myself to hang around in the cold and wait two more hours. 🙂 So I decided to return another day. And it was worth the effort.

The view is near the Parapenter launch point

Happy Bike

I am a little nervous riding in the dark, especially as the descent from here includes 4 kms at 12% – around dark hairpins – below Croisette. But I was able to dash down before it was completely dark.

I am truly fortunate to live below such a great mountain with such diverse views.

PS – in the below photo I have just emerged from the clouds on a very low-cloud day. On the distant right is the part of Mont Salève where I took the top sunset profile photo.


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