Flat Stanley Comes to Visit


This morning I heard a loud knock. I opened the front door and there was Flat Stanley, coming to visit me from across the Ocean!

Flat Stanley is a good friend of my Nephew Andrew – who lives in Canada. Stanley was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him. Being flat, Stanley can slide under doors, fly in the air like a kite, and even travel the world by envelope.

Flat Stanley had come to visit France and spend the day with me. We decided to go cycling. While I went to get ready, Flat Stanley hung out with my neighbour Frenchy the dwarf. He played a little guitar and even surfed the Internet.

Today was a little cold but we decided to go cycling along part of the Way of Saint James Pilgrim Trail (Chemin de Saint Jacques). For a thousand years people from all over Europe have hiked this trail all the way to Spain – to visit the church at Santiago de Compostela. Stanley took a picture with a statue of Saint Jacques.

It’s a very nice ride along a wooded trail and leads to some nice views of Switzerland below and snow-covered mountains in the distance. We stopped for a drink and a rest and then zoomed all the way back to the house. Stanley was a bit tired, So he took a nap on a deck chair.

We really had a fun day. We’re currently sitting by the fire playing the guitar. Flat Stanley is going by envelope back to Canada tomorrow morning.

Summer 2006: Andrew, Ryan, Rachel, Megan, and Molly. And me!


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