Grosse Scheidegg and above to First




Perhaps the best ride of the year. Certainly the most beautiful. Doreen and I spent the weekend in central Switzerland in Grindelwald – right in front of the famous Eiger north face.

Saturday’s ride, started in Grindelwald and climbed to Grosse Scheidegg. It’s a steep, stunning route – and car free for the last 8 or so kilometres. While Doreen did the climb at her own pace, I rode ahead and at the top continued higher along non-paved farm roads.

The profile above is just for the climb to Grosse Scheidegg. The road is suitable for road bikes. But beyond requires a mountain bike.

The path I followed led to First. The top of a ski lift. It’s a wonderful route. Sometimes very steep, sometimes downhill, always with the Eiger and other peaks in my face.

Descending from First, I took the direct route back to Grindelwald. Parts of this descent (above Bort) are extremely steep. My GPS once flashed 31%. No idea if correct, but I did have to push twice as too steep to safely descend – admittedly, in part due to a dire need for new brake pads. 😉

In front of the Eiger

Above Gross Scheidegg

Me and the Eiger

Bike route 625112 – powered by Bikemap 

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  1. Awesome ride !! Seems it was perfect weather too.

    Will, I love your cycling jerseys (especially this one). I really wonder how many do you have. I think you should make an article just about this… 🙂

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