Jura Giant: Mont Tendre (and Rizel)

tendre25 Route du Mont tendre Alps View Chalet du Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre is the highest point in the Swiss Jura mountains at 1,679 metres. The paved road ends at 1615 metres at the Chalet du Mont Tendre.

It’s another of those amazing, steep, deserted Jura roads climbing through the woods. A superb climb. I had stupidly tried this climb in January but ran into too much snow half way up. It was time to finally climb this great route.

I started and ended the route in the Swiss village of Bière (Beer!) – sweet!

The first two/thirds of the route is perfectly surfaced. Then – while still paved – it becomes rougher and there is just a bit too much gravel to recommend using a road bike – but definitely possible. I climbed on a hybrid.

Most of the climb is through the woods; But near the top it opens up to a typical rocky, Jura pasture – cows and all. Fantastic views of the distant Alps and Lake Geneva.

Péage à Mont Tendre

Alps View from Juras

The entire route is on a single lane. Thus, while it is virtually deserted, it’s necessary to descend with caution around the numerous blind hair-pins.


On the way down, I took a turn off and climbed to Rizel another quiet little road.


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  1. Merci Bast!

    I should have asked you instead of reading French wikipedia! 🙂 You are far more reliable!!!!

    So where is the highest point in Juras in France?

    And is Chalet du Mont tendre the highest PAVED (goudronnée) road in Juras?

  2. The highest points are near your home: Crêt de la Neige 1720m and Le Reculet 1717m.
    In the Swiss Jura Mountains: Mont Tendre 1679m and La Dole 1677m.

    There are several cols in the “Haute Chaîne du Jura” (Reculet…):
    Col du Goléron 1350m
    Passage du Gralet 1390m
    Col de l’Encoche 1430m
    Col de Crozet 1450m
    Pas de l’Echine 1580m

    Near La Dole: Col du Vuarne 1470m and Col de Porte 1557m
    They are not paved roads but I think you could try with a mountain bike (and to have more cols on your list 🙂 )

    About the highest paved road in Jura, I think it’s Chalet du Mt Tendre. Chasseral must be done also, but it’s far.

  3. Salut Bast

    Je suis reconnaissant pour votre réponse si detaillé. C’est très gentil!

    Thanks for your kind and detailed response.

    I am planning on climbing La Baudichonne soon and having a look for a link to La Dole – very open at the top – with a VTT (mountain bike). Or more easily with a link to La Vattay and down the quiet road there.


  4. i did the mont tendre today, it’s a nice climb indeed, but the descend is less pleasant (dangerous cause of the gravel, blind turns on the single lane,..)

    i didn’t know it was the highest one in the jura, a pity, because it tastes for more..

    do you know more climbs that are close to lausanne? the mont tendre is already about 70 k return..

  5. Thanks for the tip. I was up Mont Tendre today. You couldn’t see more than a few yards from the top but the views were fantastic from the clearings lower down and the autumn colours are coming along nicely. I had no problems on my road bike though I was descending fairly cautiously. Not sure I would have fancied it at race speed but I only saw two cars and some forestry workers.

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