Longest and hardest day this year


72.3 km

Today – starting from home I climbed the Salève. It’s basically the mountain to the south-east of us that blocks our view of the French Alps. It’s a great ride – but a long hard climb with small stretches of grade well over 10% – and long stretches between 6% and 8%. Pretty much 30+ kms uphill (see below).

It was warmish at the top (13C/54F) even though there is still piles of snow.

Below shows today climb. Green is the altitude. Red is my heart rate and blue is my speed. My heart rate climbed again at the end because a couple of guys tried to pass me and I was too competitive to allow it (I know, pathetic middle-aged man syndrome).

Total distance 1,970.4 km Total Ascent: 21,528 metres Total Calories: 66,596


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