Map of French Alps Cycling Climbs


NOTE: Unfortunately, not all icons/climbs always appear on the map as there are too many. To see more click here for big map …. then go to bottom left and click on page 2.

See the menu above or click here for Maps of Cols in other regions.

Click on icons for a link to climb details.

= French Alps

= Legendary    = Smaller Cols = Reviewed but not yet climbed

For maps of climbs in other regions see the links below:

Click here for a map of cycling climbs in the South French Alps.

Click here for a map of cycling climbs in the Pyrénées Mountains.
Click here for a map of cycling climbs in Switzerland.
Click here for a map of cycling climbs in the Dolomites.
Click here for a map of cycling climbs in the Jura Mountains.
Click here for a map of cycling climbs in the Vosges Mountains (Alsace).

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Happiest while cycling uphill.


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  7. Thank you for compiling this website. I’m organizing a Col trip with some friends in the Alps and this site have proved invaluable for route planning. Great work!

  8. Hi

    Used your website for the past 3 years when organising my trips to the swiss, french and italian alps.

    However, before when you enlarged the french alps map, it would bring you into google and all the climbs would be shown on the left in height order. Do you not do this anymore???



  9. Hi John,

    At bottom left of map is a link “view larger map” — for me at least it still does what you are asking. Occasionally it can take a moment to load. Does that help?

  10. Hi Will

    Yeah thank you it is working.

    I did Forclaz in Switzerland this year and have to say enjoyed it immensely. Went out at 6.30am and climbed it during the sunrise overlooking martigny. Absloutely beautiful.

    Will be cycling Col de Granon, Col Agnel,Col du Galibier, Col d’Allos, Col de la Cayolle and Col de la Bonette, during June for a week next year. Would be good if you’re around for a couple of climbs.

    I can in person say thank you as you have saved me so much hassle when planning my own itenirary for my alps holidays.



  11. Peter Schutzer-Weissmann on

    Hi Will,

    Website looks brilliant, congratulations. I am planning to cycle the alps from early September and have a few questions – I am a rookie cyclist so please bear with me!

    My twin is currently cycling from London-Istanbul with University – a trip I was meant to do but I had an august exam… I am therefore gutted and want to get out on a bike! I am free from the 1st of september and will fly into Geneva, buy an average bike and hope to cycle east til Verbier then slowly south through the alps to Nice by the 18th, picking the most picturesque and fairly challenging routes as possible. I am working in Champagne from the 20th doing the grape harvest before university starts in Cairo on the 7th October – I need my mountain fix before the deserts of Egypt!

    Having looked at your maps etc, do you think or do you know of anyone who has linked most or all of them together, heading slowly south? Do you think it’s possible? I will most probably be doing most of it alone, and training to be an officer in the marines so fairly fit. French is fluent, italian not so bad either.

    Pretty open submission but any thoughts?


  12. Hello Peter,

    There are lots of ways to get from Geneva to the Med, but probably the most famous “mountain” way is via the Route des Grandes Alpes … which is entirely in France. Google it and you’ll get maps, etc.

    From Verbier means crossing into Italy either via Grand St Bernard or Simplon …. neither very fun in my opinion.

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  15. Hey Will,

    I’ve been following you for years now and you’ve helped me plan routes twice already. Here’s my question regarding our trip next year to St. Jean de Maurienne. We usually do loops out of St. George’s hotel. Amazing options right there. I just got back from Tuscany and realized you can go point A to B and then train back as they have rail cars dedicated to bikes. Is this true in France? Could we set up some routes in the Alps and climb a few Col’s, descend to the nearby town and train back to St. Jean? If so, do you have any recommendations in the area?


    Chet Scott

    • French trains are pretty good for bike. In France, always the risk of s strike, like every few days currently. But when running, a very reliable system.

      Sorry if I don’t have a suggestion for a train trip, but it’s a bit too open-ended a question.

  16. Markus Albert on

    Hi Will,

    I hope you’re doing well and happily cycling uphill.

    While planning a trip to the Maurienne Valley and the Queyras region I noticed that your French Alps map misses the Col d’Agnel post link.

    I plan to ride it soon after a recent motorbike ride over it during a Tour du Mont Blanc. Its very beautiful and the French side is manageable for an old fart like me.

    All the best, Markus

    • Hi Markus,

      For col Agnel, see my map for the south Alps. or search Agnel is the search box. I’ve climbed both sides and believe the Italian side is the far better side so also search for Colle dell’Agnello.

      Best of luck on your trip and we should plan a ride together again sometime,



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