Snow: Le Saleve and Col des Pitons

Col des Pitons Col des Pitons Cycling Le Saleve Skier on my bike route Cycling Le Saleve

Maybe the last big climb of the year. A perfectly sunny day, so I thought I’d try climbing Le Saleve and hope the roads were clear.


Nearing the top from the St Blaise side, the road ahead had only been plowed to the restaurant and the route was closed beyond (see photo above). There was about a foot of snow, but it was hard and seemed rideable so I continued on.

I got a few funny looks and encouragement from various snow-shoers, hikers and cross-country skiers but it was beautiful up top and I enjoyed the alps and jura views while gingerly riding along.

After a few kilometres, at Croisette, the road was cleared again. Loads of families out tobogganing. I descended the super steep road from Croisette and looped home. Great ride.

Le Saleve

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  1. Kudos, Chill, on making the best of a beautiful sunny day. That’s a huge ride in the middle of summer, let alone late December….well done. Love, Jelly

  2. Hi Will,

    I’ve been out of the blog loop… feeling much better but too busy during the Holiday with house guests. Hope your Chrisitmas was festive and Santa was good to you. Looks like a great ride from your pics! My wife thought there should be more snow there right now.
    It’s now raining pretty hard here (we need it). Guess I’ll have to try out one of my new jerseys on the trainer. Cheers, Donald

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