Some Autumn Photos

Sunset above the clouds

Sunset above the clouds

This time of year it gets difficult to find/ride “new” climbs. And I try not to keep re-blogging the same routes over and over again. But I do, of course, keep cycling. Always with my camera and little tripod.

So here are a few favourite photos from the last few weeks that might not have appeared in a post here.

Trying to be artsy under a bridge in the Geneva country-side:

First snow down low:


Me and the neighbours:


My favourite local hairpin:

nice hairpin

Lac de Joux Plane. View of Mont Blanc from summit of Joux Plane:

joux plane

A giant chair (or tiny me?):

big chair

Matching the foliage:


More Neighbours:


Standard home loop with old school Swiss kit:


Tunnel de Bois Clair (longest bike only tunnel in Europe – Burgundy):

bats live here

Yep, more neighbours:


King of the hay surfers:

Hay Surfing

A few pics of my standard home loop up Mont Salève:


nice hairpin

Mont Blanc

It’s “inversion” season. Often it’s dark, wet, cloudy down low but the sun is only a climb away. Two Salève photos: above the clouds, near home.

My brave wife Doreen climbing through Geneva Vineyards:

More sunsets:



And I’ll finish with my favourite. The love of my life Doreen hay surfing:

Doreen Hay surfing


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  1. I have just found your site, and it’s brilliant.
    A wealth of information and great pictures!
    Can I ask, what camera you use?

    Many thanks

    • Hi, lately I’ve been using a Canon S120 – all the above photos are with this.

      It’s a nice portable camera. Small, decent quality, AND I like that it has up to a 30 second timer …. helps with these self portraits 🙂

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