Stage 7 – Watching the Tour in the Juras


For anyone that has never seen a stage, this gives a pretty good feel of how much fun it is …. especially the Publicity Caravan. 😉

This was on the final climb of stage 7 (Les Rousses). It featured Les Lacet de Septmoncel.


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  1. You always make me so jealous. I think I have to stop reading your blog, Will. … just kidding! Thank you for bringing Le Tour Live to Downunder. I’ll do the same for you come January. 🙂

  2. Looked like a fun day- made me CH-homesick.
    Now, what to do with the -I’m guessing- more than 20 polka dot hats you now have?

  3. Ha – Yes, I could start a cycling-event hat selling business. I have tons (many types) and spent today giving Skoda-bobs and dots etc to anyone interested

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