I Have Signed With Team Poseur – Charlatan**


Team Poseur Charlatan

From the official Team Poseur web site:

In 1966 the little known Poseur team toiled in the pro ranks in continental Europe. Sponsored by an air freshener company (or was it an industrial washbasin conglomerate?), their team was small and their budget, meager.

Strength-sapping sleet, bone-rattling cobbles, furnace-like temperatures on seemingly unendurable climbs: These were the conditions that defined the strong men of professional cycling in their day. Perhaps that is why one rarely hears of the legacy of Team Poseur.

Team Poseur Charlatan

Poseur riders battled forth against the giants of the road in their day. Scarcely did they earn the respect of their peers in the pro peloton, but did they flinch? Never! The heart of the true Poseur rider can withstand any insult.

Now times have taken their toll on the once mighty Poseur team. You only find them at the best coffee shops and bakeries, always riding easy and never taking the lead.

The Worst Cycling Team Ever?

The team’s Directeur Sportiv, Marc Piqûre dejectedly relates to us between swigs of Pernod in a small rain-soaked shop behind his house, “Some of the riders were afraid of taking the start. They would pretend to have a puncture when the call was made to come to the line to start the race. One time I caught Jean-Marie DeClunque taking a hacksaw to his frame before the final mountain stage of the ’67 Tour …”

Do you have what it takes to rekindle and reclaim the glorious name of the Poseur?

**The title of article is a lie – I just like the shirt!


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  1. tu fais un excellent mannequin de publicité !
    le maillot est superbe, mais je crois que j’en choisirai un autre dans leur gamme…
    tu l’as fait livrer directement en France ?

  2. merci philippe 🙂

    oui – livré directement en France

    tu aimes quelle gamme ?

    (and no – I am not affiliated with them – I just like the shirts) 🙂

  3. What about the hat? I had a hat like that back in 1972 (really I did). They were all the rage here in Canada. The hats and Shimano derailleurs!

  4. It is indeed a nice jersey. Maybe a little loose fit for a racing shirt. 🙂 I like the “best coffee shops and bakeries” bit. Where can I sign up for it … hehehe

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  6. It looks good on you, Will. Deep down perhaps we are all Poseurs. Groover, the cut is what is known among Poseurs as “bakery-specific” and will fill out over the season.

    ElevenGear, the makers of the team kit, have a page with hilarious cycling haikus: http://www.elevengear.us/detritus.html

    There was a time, son
    When hills like these were my friends.
    Ford was president.

  7. j’aime bien les modèles “Saturn V” et “effet Doppler”.
    je dois être un geek-cycliste (?)

    né au pays du Mistral, mon haïku préféré est donc :

    Headwind :
    Relentless is the wind
    always turning to face me
    like a hand pushing back

  8. haha

    Sprocketboy / Philippe I love those Haikus 🙂

    Here’s my original

    All so strong, like wind
    I follow their bums

    PS – Philippe – j’aime aussi Saturn 5 – je le chercherai en route lorsque je suis au sud 🙂

  9. It isn’t complete – you didn’t get the matching Poseur bib shorts! 🙁

    The cap and the tat are nice touches though.

  10. I have seen your jerseys at the 24-hours of adrenaline….I am interested to see who you are? What you offer?? Are you worldwide, or just in Europe, Canada?? I love the slogan/motto…..any further information would be greatly appreciated.

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