My Ten Favourite Cycling Photos from 2011


It’s been a difficult 2011 missing half the year, including the entire summer, to injury. But there have still been plenty of fun rides – and as usual I had a camera in hand.

My ten favourite cycling photos of 2011:

#1 Mont Ventoux at Sunrise

Easily the funnest ride of the year, we started out in the wee hours of the night and reached the summit just as the sun was rising. More details here.

#2 Les Lacets de Montvernier

A short hike and a vertiginous lean over a cliff was required to get a shot of this lessor known French marvel of hairpins. More details here.

#3 Combe Laval

The Vercors region of France is a cycling mecca, filled with great climbs and beautiful gorge roads. And Combe Laval- just below Col de la Machine – may be the best of the bunch. More details here.

Below, Doreen waves at the camera:

#4 Col de la Croisette

It’s usually difficult to capture the steepness of a climb in a photograph. But the steep way up Mont Salève features several brutal hairpins that make it easy to see the pain. More details here.

#5 Col de la Croix

Doreen enjoys a back road to Col de la Croix in the Swiss Alps. More details here.

#6 Croix de Couer

This beautiful route high above Verbier was unexpectedly snow free in late November. More details here.

#7 Above the Clouds

While Geneva was dank and grey, Doreen cycles above the clouds.

#8 Le Semnoz

The challenging climb near Annecy seems to go up forever. More details here.

#9 Col de la Croix Fry

One of my favourite winter climbs. This view seemed perfect even without a cyclist. More details here.

#10 Col du Pillon

Not All my self portraits are succesful. 🙂 More details here. Happy New Year.


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  1. Inspirational! I cycled Alpe D’Huez and my next target is Ventoux. Montvernier looks too amazing to be actually real ! Good luck in 2012.

  2. Did you cheat a little with the Montvenier photo or is the little church indeed tilted? I guess, I’ll have to check this out next year… 😉 Happy New Year, Will! I hope 2012 will be full of amazing rides for you.

  3. Groover,

    Ha, yes the little chapel is not really tilted. The problem is I was tilted as I was nervous hanging over the cliff (it’s quite a hard road to photograph). 🙂

    Alberto/Groover: Let me know if you need any help planning your huge Euro adventure for 2012.

  4. Peut-être une petite année pour toi mais de belles choses tout de même, et de belles photos; j’aime bien la 5 du coté du col de la Croix. Bravo !

  5. Will – Thanks for your kind offer. If we need any help or advice on mountains, we’ll be in touch. We know you are the expert! 🙂 And maybe we can even catch up for a ride and coffee… or beer, when we are in your area! 😉

  6. Will,

    I am now staying in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne for a 5 day cycling-vacation.
    As a follower of your blog you have inspired me of climbing Col de Chaussy. I have done it today,
    and I can say it is a super trip.
    For an impression to my family am I allowed to put the foto of ‘Les Lacets de Montvernier’ on my Picasso web-album ?


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