Tour de France – Bastille Day


What a great Bastille Day. Doreen and I cycled up the Col de la Colombiere to watch the Tour de France. People and cyclists everywhere and hot!

We rode up with Brian – his first week in Geneva and already cycling mountains. Martin and Barry took the train from Geneva and bravely rode all the way home. Scott – from New Zealand rode from Lake Annecy on the other side – and somehow we all met up and hung out exactly one km from the top. Of course the publicity caravan was fun, with free samples tossed at us – we all now own polka dot caps and I am about to try grand-meres café.

A major highlight, Brian took off with a bag and somehow returned with 10 beers from way down below. Nice! Another highlight: a photo with tour legend Didi the Devil.

When the helicopters arrived, we knew the riders were near. It took about 30 minutes for them all to pass – wow were some of them suffering – they were strung out all over the road. Last climb on an almost 200 km day in the heat – fair enough.

Doreen and I returned home and saw us all clearly twice on the TV highlights. Great day!

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Me and Didi the Devil
Canadians, a Yank, a Kiwi and a Brit/Aussie Col de la Colombiere


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  1. Hey Wads, I agree. And perhaps we should put this site on the agenda. This french fitness propaganda must be stopped at all costs.

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