Vosges Cycling Climbs Map


Map of Cycling Climbs in the Vosges.

Quiet, medium altitude mountain range full of Cols.

I am no expert of the region, but click on any of the star-shaped pins on the map for a details of a ride that I have done.

Zoom the map and the labels will become less messy. 🙂 Or click on the top right corner of map for a full page view.


Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Hi Will,

    As you’ll have seen yourself, the beauty of the Vosges is that you can do several climbs in a day. You’ve done some of the biggies but there are lots of much quieter and lovelier climbs to be strung together and enjoyed. I ride over in the western part and particularly like Le Col des Feignes, Le Col de la Croix des Moinats and Le Haut du Tôt which doesn’t get a pin on your map but is worth a visit with it’s 450m of climbing in 8km. Oh and there’s a thought; since you like to have a beer at the top, Rouge Gazon is a good climb but as you said in your post on La Planche des Belles Filles, the road in the bottom of the valley is unpleasant.

    All the best,

    • Hi Dave, I’m heading to the west of the Vosges area tomorrow.
      Is there any way I could find the GPX files of your rides there?


  2. Hi Big Dave,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, the Vosges is great for long, quiet rides. I don’t know it very well. So thanks for the ideas. I’ll add them to my list!


  3. Hi, We are planning to go to the Vosges region in July. Is it deep forest all the way? Was hoping to get some sun during our rides and didn’t fancy being in the shade the whole time. 🙂

  4. For our annual summer holiday to France this year Will, we are heading to Alsace and the Vosges. Staying in Le Menil and looking forward to mopping up some of the smaller climbs France has to offer. Thank you as always for your research Will. I’ll post some more comments when we get back in August.

  5. My ferry is at 1 tomorrow morning. Off to the Vosges for the first time as I couldn’t be bothered with my usual drive to the Alps or Pyrenees (thank you spell check). It was your site that persuaded me to give the Vosges a try, I’m rather looking forward to it now!
    Thank you!

    • Mac, there is a nice article in Le Cycle magazine on the Vosges this month. It has mapped three very good loops and then describes one big climb. Even if you don’t speak French you may find it useful. You could likely pick up the magazine and most newspaper shops in France or see http://www.lecycle.fr/

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