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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. They are beautiful, one and all. And I would like to ride every last one of them. Though in truth, one or two I would prefer to not see the ice!

    Well done, pulling these all together like this.

  2. Great shots and great rides. I too, would love to experience these first-hand. They certainly take your breath away in pictures… so I’m sure it’s an awesome experience heading down.
    But… How many times have you been struggling up and you see the paint on the road from an old Tour stage and all of a sudden you have a little bit more push because off the inspiration?

  3. Sprocketboy,

    yes on my “want” list. – jealous!

    I have done South side of Madeleine with 40 hairpins – and a crashed american guy – when i rode it.

  4. Nice pics – motivational. I’m sat here working in Angola with another week to go before home to French Alps so I was surfing for some eye candy and you came up with the goods.

    thanks for sharing them!


  5. Love the pictures. I’m a confessed switchback lover as well. I’ll ride anything, as long as the road gets squiggly. Thanks for the awesome compilation.

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