12 Months in Photos


I consider this site a photoblog more than anything else. Anyone that rides with me has learned to tolerate frequent stops for pics (and for me to catch my breath).

12 months in photos:

(inspired by Up In Alaska)


Col de la Croisette

Not the coldest January in history, although plenty of snow around up high.

Graffiti left over from the 2007 Dauphiné Libéré up the beautiful and steep Col de la Forclaz de Montmin:

Col de la Forclaz


Col de Plan Bois

I love blue sky, hairpins, and mountains.

A self portrait with l’Etale in the background – climbing Col de la Croix Fry:

Col de la Croix Fry - Self Portrait


Winter is Back

Lots of late snow.

Deep snow forced Eric and I to walk the last 2 kilometres – but we kept our helmets on (?!). The remote Col du Sac:

Col du Sac


Tour de Romandie Prologue

The Tour de Romandie prologue.

Garcia is cheerful, while the evil UCI guy is just busy looking evil:

Garcia and UCI guy


Broken Nose While Cycling

Breaking my nose wasn’t really my favourite photo.

I prefer this one of Doreen cycling near Gstaad, Switzerland:

Above Gsteig, Swiss Alps


My first stage victory - Verbier

Sneaking across the finish at Verbier during the Tour of Switzerland for a stage victory (left) was certainly fun.

But I really like this photo of Doreen and some friendly French gendarmes while watching the Dauphiné Libéré:

Dauphiné Libéré


Woohoo - Watching the Tour de France

Easily the biggest and best month of my cycling life. Including completing La Marmotte and riding the Tour d’Enfer across the Alps.

But the funnest day by far was climbing up Col du Galibier with Ralph to watch Tour de France. Here’s me searching for the Peleton in the distance:

Col du Galibier



I don’t know who these people are and why they are following me*:

Someone is following me!

* The Gruyère Cycling Tour


Mont Ventoux - Volcano

Ventoux was fun.

But I never expected that the remote mountain Lac d’Emesson would be so unbelievably beautiful with an amazing cliff road above the lake.

View of Lac d'Emosson


Col du Glandon

Me, my balaclava, and the new sign up Glandon made me laugh (left).

But perhaps the greatest ride of the year was up Alpe d’Huez on a perfect Autumn day with absolutely no-one around.

Alpe d'Huez


Tete de Veret - 2309 metres

Lots of snow. As thoughts turned towards hiking (left) and skiing.

Cycling required a little extra courage:

Near Col des Pitons



I am a bad enough bike handler on dry roads, terrified (left).

What’s the point of winter, if there isn’t a lot of snow:

Snowy Hairpins - Col de la Colombière

More 2008 Favourite Photos


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  1. A great photo summary of the year’s highlights and you accomplishing your challenge – congratulations Will!

    I am sure that next year will hold many more great rides and photo opportunities.



    PS – we all await your 2009 challenge announcement… 🙂

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