2009 Big Climbs Map


It’s time to launch my 2009 climbs map. Call me stupid but I find it motivating to start each year with an empty map and try and fill it with rides. Only rides with pretty big ascent are included. Feel free to suggest a ride.

For a map of all climbs over all years – see here.

Click Ride Icons for link to details. I have split climbs into a few geographic categories:


Blue = French Alps ; Green = French Jura Mountains


Red = Swiss Alps (empty so far) ; Pale Blue = Swiss Jura Mountains

Small Red flag = small cols (passes) that I have climbed or perhaps passed from an easier direction.

It may be necessary to use the “view larger map” option at bottom or to scroll right or down – to see all climbs.

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  1. Je suis un peu jaloux 🙂
    Il y a beaucoup de grimpées à faire encore, pourquoi pas le Col de Chaude, et celle de Lavey les bains…
    Personnellement j’adorerais faire un tour dans le Jura plus au nord, mais c’est plus loin: Mont d’Or, Chasseral etc

  2. I wouldn’t call you stupid. It’s good to begin a year with a clear slate. What are the logistics for the further away climbs? Do you usually drive to the bottom of the climbs?

  3. Hi Groover,

    yes I drive to a lot of climbs. The key is to find a safe place to park the car – usually the local gare (train station) – plus a search for a flat stretch to warm up. My main cycling talent is avoiding busy roads and driving to start points achieves this. 😉

    PS – best of luck getting better!

  4. Will,
    Here’s one from Switzerland. What about the climb up from Aigle to Hongrin on Swiss national bicycle route 4? See http://www.veloland.ch/en/routen_etappen.cfm?id=316484 and http://www.veloland.ch/files/?id=8616
    Starts right at the train station (less than 1 hour direct from Geneva) and is guaranteed to ve bery quiet cos unless you’ve got a tank, they don’t normally allow you in to to miliary zone at the top! (http://www.gps-sport.net/trainings/Day-9-Gruyere-to-Aigle-via-Lake-Hongrin_23786)

    And personally I think you should do Alp d’Huez one more time before May 😉

  5. Great plan… not stupid at all! You have to have something to shoot for and visualize. Wish you could join us for our “Spring Training Mountain Camp” here in NC. I know it’s no where near your type of climbing but it would be fun. Guess we’ll just have to enjoy your share of the high-carb recovery beverages.

  6. This is a great plan. Understandably your rides are concentrated around the french area, but if you are interested in branching out more toward central Switzerland, we could give you pointers on the best climbs around… Especially since it looks like you haven’t done Gotthard or Grimsel Passes yet – They are must-do’s! And we look forward to trying out some of the passes you have documented – Thank you for all the great info.

  7. slogfester: the moment Alpe d’huez is closed to skiing …. let’s climb it (it will be traffic free this way)

    becky: thx for the message: you are so correct…. lots of stuff to do in central switzerland. When I cycled the west side of Furka last year ….. Grimsel was soooooo tempting

    How is Gothard for traffic?

    happy cycling

  8. Will, love the site and used well last year for a training camp in annecy.

    Question for you.

    The road from Ugine , Col de la Apettaz to Col Des Aravis, is the road cycleable or just a dirt track?

  9. Hello Hywel,

    The direct road between Arpettaz and Aravis is beautiful …… but it’s a dirt track …. impossible for road bike.

    (from Ugine up to Arpettaz is pretty rough – but definitely possible by road bike if you are not too fussy … but a wonderful climb)

  10. When I did Gothard it was on a weekday, so the traffic was not a problem but that might have been part of the reason. My husband did it on a weekend later in the summer but did the cobblestone route the whole way, so not much traffic at all, just a few “bumps” along the way 😉 but he described it as “epic” (in a positive way).

    Still Grimsel is our fave – from the side opposite of Furka though (i.e. bottom of Susten). Doing Susten-Grimsel-Furka makes a great loop – a long but rewarding day!

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