4,000 KMS!


37.5 km

A relaxing, easy ride with Doreen on a VERY hot day. Well, I have hit 4,000 kms and am just a touch behind schedule for 10,000 this year. I must admit, 10,000 was a devilishly well chosen target. There is no room for letting up and it has got me out many times on days when I don’t quite feel like riding. With lots of steep mountain rides planned, it can be hard to get in a lot of KMs and afterwards the legs can demand a day off.

I am well on target to climb 100,000 metres, and should even see this accelerate in the coming weeks.

So my spirits are pretty high, and hopefully I can pick the km pace up as summer arrives.

Total distance 4,000 kms Total ascent: 43,500 meters


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