Alsace – Rain, Cold, More Rain, Lots More Rain, Sun


The weather continues to be a struggle but today we braved the wet and cold for a wonderful route passing by the Col des Bagenelles, Col du Pré de Raves, Col du Bonhomme, Col de Louchpach, and the Col du Calvaire. Just Andrew, John, Steve, and I today – and hard work trying to keep up (or not fall too far behind) these guys.

Unfortunately, up high it was just freezing and after a cup of coffee at Col du Bonhomme going back outside in wet clothes and wind was pretty awful – Steve and I were ready to call for a pickup – but Andrew and John made us persevere. It was a touching moment two minutes later when shivering they still stopped and waited for me to catch up and take my usual col photo. 🙂

Quote of day (and not joking): “let’s stay together, if I get a flat I will have hypothermia in two minutes” – Andrew.

Too cold to stop for a picture of Steve :



Col des baganelles Vosges Mountains


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