Barry Has New Winter Gear


On left: new winter gear. On right: before new winter gear. He seems much happier.

Barry in his new cold weather gear Do We Look Cold?

Barry – on left – has spent much of his life in the South Pacific and Australia. He started complaining about the cold here, back when I was still wearing shorts! But we’re slowly converting him.

I’m pleased to say he successfully completed a great 2 hour trail ride west of Geneva in the cold.

Ice on the pond, but not thick enough:

The Ice isn't thick Enough

Martin’s Tiger Bell (it squeaks instead of growling:

My Favorite Cycling Bell


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  1. Does the ice get thick enough to ride on? I think it would be fun to ride onto the ice at speed with the express thought of going for a slide. Think three point stance: two wheels and a foot. I’d just want to be sure the foot’s on the right (as in correct) side of the bike!

  2. Good thing the brakes held while taking that picture… you’ll have to post another pic if the ice is thick enough later for a spin. By the way… whats the little yellow head on the handlebars? Merry Christmas!

  3. Donald,
    You have great eyesight! I have added a photo of the yellow thing. It’s Martin’s tiger cycling bell added on a “slow down” bike to work day in Geneva. Merry x-mas to you.

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