Beers at Summits


Above: Grey beard is thirsty at Col de l’Iseran


Nothing better than a beer at the summit of a big cycling climb.

Col d’Aubisuqe

Glacier de Mont-de-Lans (3158 metres):

Le Bar 3200 was open 🙂
Beers with the gang watching Tour de France in Juras
Alpe d’Huez after La Marmotte with La Côte Wheelers
Santuario di Oropa
Galibier beer at Desgranges monument
Birra Moretti at Colle dell’Agnello – 2744 metres

Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. I love summit beers. This summer I climbed Mt Lafayette in New Hampshire and had a lovely locally brewed IPA at the top. The best feeling.

    These all look amazing.

  2. Very Nice Will!
    An isotonic high carbohydrate malt based recovery drink is a fitting reward after a tough climb. I will follow your lead and a raise a toast to you at the top of each of the climbs on “Ride The Rockies” this year.
    You always bring a smile to my face with your posts. Hope the knee is doing well!!!
    Ralph (Le Blaireau)

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  4. Wow, summit beers… great idea!
    Too bad for that one lemonade at Col de l’Arpettaz! :-p
    (forgive me, I’m Belgian ;-))
    Really like your blog, Will!

  5. If I were to have *a* beer, just one, after summiting a long hot climb, you would not want to encounter me trying to make it back down. 🙂

    Some of us are lightweights and prefer a coke. Thankfully there are few places serving beer that also wouldn’t have a coke. I have to say, a 3 Euro coke at the top of a long climb tastes so much better than the 1 Euro variety in the city. Why is that?

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