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  1. Mike Stevens on

    Hi Will:

    I sent you another email via the contacts pge. This is an awesome website – thank you. Is there a town in the French Jura you would particularly recommend as a basecamp for riding (with high quality rental bikes) or would you recommend Lake Annecy or Aix-les-Bains instead (for a late September trip)? Thanks! Mike

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  3. Hi Will
    First, thank you for keeping this blog; I’ve discovered it a few years ago and have uset it as inspiration several times on our summer group rides. We are now going for the first time to Jura. Question: in which area would you choose to stay?

    We prefer to stay in a house (we are 9 people) nearby or in a city or town for the social life, café, shopping and so on. I’m working on your map over the Jura, and we might have to settle for either the southern part, Mont du Chat, Colombier or the northern with Mont Tendre etc.

    North or south? In the middle? (spotted a town, Saint Claude, which looks nice).

    Thanks a lot! Jens.

    PS: If you are ever going to Denmark, and need some cycling related tips – or otherwise – let me know! (TDF coming up in 2021). A bit low on the cols here though.

    PPS: Just spotted your “100 Cycling Climbs Better Than Alpe d’Huez”; a wonderfull, impressive – and impossible list. Totally agree with no.1 – and even 2, 3 & 4 – but I know, when I’m at the Sella Ronda, nothing is more fulfilling. The same goes for Finestre. And Monte Grappa …

      • Great, thanks! I’ll check Aix-les-Bains out for accommodations; maybe Lac du Bourget and surroundings will be our new discovery for this years trip.
        Cheers, Jens

      • Jens,

        I mean this very politely: I am a little uncomfortable when someone plans their entire vacation around my suggestions. Could I just ask that you make certain that you think Aix-les-Bains is an OK village for your needs?

        All the best,


      • Hi Will, no sweat! We’ve been doing this for the past 11 years around the Alps, Dolomites, Appenines, Pyrenees etc. and now we wanted to try 4 days in the Vosges and 4 in Jura. I consider your site as a fine place to get ideas and inspiration, and will be no means hold you responsible for any tips or advice you may deliver. As it turns out, there are no vacant houses in Aix-Le-Bains (we do Airbnb, room for the bikes – and we like to cook). We probably go for either a stay at Corbonod, just north of Lac du Bourget, or Lavans lès Saint-Claude. Both places have a cafe, baker a mini market which will do fine.
        Thank again

      • I might take you up on that!
        We decided for staying in Corbonod/Seyssel by Le Rhône; great for exploring Colombier and the Cat.

        With the accommodation in place, I will now enjoy digging into researching and route planning, which is where the first part of the journey begins. Studying cycling-challenge and maps. And looking for an alternative to, where I used to plan all of our tours, now obsolete.

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